President Obama

Phil chatting with President Barack Obama

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  1. Hello! Old friend, I was reading a report on my channel 2 app and I saw your name and your comments regarding the Oakland Occupy issue. I also heard the report of you protecting your building and janitorial crew with a shot gun during an earlier riot. I wanted to say that I am very proud to say that I know you. I admire your clear and frank opinion on the subject. You have got a brass pair. Lol. Any way I’ve never been very good at expressing myself with writing but I just wanted to say I’m in your corner. I have worked in Oakland for most of my adult life. I love Oakland and I hate to see it marred by all this needless bull shit. There are much more effective ways to get the point across with out promoting anarchy. I wish people would use their brains and follow legal ways of expression. Well that’s my 2 cents! Keep up the good work! P.S. Great job on the Fox! Barbara

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