Public Service

Phil Tagami is the President and Chief Executive Officer of California Capital & Investment Group, Inc (CCIG). For the past 23 years he has served as a developer and a development consultant on numerous projects representing millions of dollars of rehabilitation and new construction. Several projects have required multiple finance sources including the use of tax credits and grants. Mr. Tagami has built teams for many of these projects, demonstrating a detailed understanding of the interdisciplinary coordination required for complex infrastructure projects, urban infill restoration and new construction. Mr. Tagami has been active in local/regional politics and policy making, serving on numerous commissions and boards.  Mr. Tagami’s civic and governmental activities include:

Current Affiliations

President, Friends of the Oakland Fox, a non-profit organization
Board Member, East Bay Zoological Foundation, a non-profit organization
Governor’s Delegate to the California Democratic Party

Past Appointments
Member, Medical Board of California
Chairman of the Board, California State Lottery
Board of Directors, South Bay Expressway SR 125 Private Toll Road 2011-2012
Commissioner, California Transportation Commission 2008-2009
Commissioner, California State Park and Recreation Commission 2003-2006
Mayor’s Alternate, Oakland Base Reuse Authority, 2003-2006
Commissioner, California State World Trade Commission 2002-2003
Board of Port Commissioners, Port of Oakland, President 2001-2002
Board of Port Commissioners, Port of Oakland, Commissioner 1999-2003
Commissioner, Oakland Planning Commission 1996-1997
Member, FISCO, Navy Restoration Advisory Board 1995-1996
Commissioner, Oakland Landmarks Preservation Review Board 1994-1996
Member, Oakland’s General Plan Congress 1994-1997
Member, Mayor’s Economic Emergency Task Force 1993-1996
Member, CBD Mixed Use Committee 1992-1995
Commissioner, Oakland Environmental Affairs Commission 1992-1994

Past Affiliations
District Chairman, Boy Scouts of America Peralta District
Bridge Housing Board of Directors
Board of Directors, YMCA of Oakland
Board of Directors, The Crucible
Advisory Board Member, Friends of the Oakland Parks and Recreation
Member, Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors, International Diplomacy Council
Board of Directors, East Bay Conservation Corps
Board of Directors, Oakland Sharing the Vision
Member, Oakland Commerce Corporation Business Response Team
Chairman, Oakland Public Library Foundation Board of Directors
President, Gold Coast Property Owners Association
Delegate, 1993 All-American Cities Awards
Member, Oakland Economic Action Forum