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My name is Phil Tagami, and I am a born-and-bred Oaklander who is working every day to keep the city moving forward. Let’s start a dialogue, because it is only through open communication that we will reach the truth we all seek.



Phil Tagami is the Managing General Partner of California Capital & Investment Group (CCIG).  For the past 20 years he has served as a developer and a development consultant on numerous projects representing millions of dollars of rehabilitation and new construction.  Several projects have required multiple sources of finance including the use of tax credits and grants.  Mr. Tagami has been responsible for team building on many of these projects, demonstrating a detailed understanding of the interdisciplinary coordination required to deliver complex projects.

Past and current projects include:

  • Master Developer of public infrastructure for the Oakland Army Base Redevelopment.
  • ProLogis/CCIG joint venture – developing the Oakland Trade and Logistics Center on the Oakland Army Base.
  • CCIG/IRC/Stone joint venture – developing the Oakland Global Rail Enterprise.
  • Developer of the Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal on the Oakland Army Base.
  • Development Consultant for the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, a $48 million renovation of a national historic landmark theater.
  • Development Consultant for the Uptown Theater in Chicago, a $65 million renovation of a national historic landmark theater.
  • Development services for the City of Oakland’s Redevelopment Agency by overseeing the financing and rehabilitation of the Historic Fox Theater.
  • Development of the Rotunda Parking Garage, a $9 million project.
  • Renovation of the Rotunda building in Oakland, California, totaling $56 million.

Awards Received:

  • Phil Tagami Day, May 25, 2014, by Governor Jerry Brown 2014
  • Bay Area Tumor Institute – Living Example 2014
  • Jobs and Housing Coalition Legacy Award Recipient 2013
  • California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition 2013
  • Oakland Chamber Awards – Oakland on the Map 2013
  • Golden Poppy Award, California State Parks Foundation 2007
  • Friends of Oakland Parks and Recreation, Service Award 2007
  • California Legislative Assembly Resolution – Oakland Parks 2007
  • National Philanthropy Day, Outstanding Fundraising Volunteer 2007
  • Alameda County Board of Supervisors, Outstanding Service to the City of Oakland 2007
  • City Council Proclamation, Outstanding Service to the City of Oakland 2007
  • Lt. Governor, Distinguished Achievements for Oakland Parks 2007
  • Vision to Action Award, City of Oakland 2005
  • Structures Reuse/Redevelopment Project of the Year, East Bay Business Times 2005
  • Representative Barbara Lee, Special Congressional Recognition 2003
  • Assembly Member Wilma Chan and Senator Don Perata, Certificate of Special Recognition 2003
  • California Preservation Foundation, Design Awards 2002
  • Oakland Heritage Alliance, Presidents Award 2001
  • Oakland Sharing the Vision, Vision Action Award 1996
  • Phillip H. Tagami Day, May 25, 1993 By Mayor Elihu Harris 1993

4 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. Phil,

    Like many people who have probably contacted you in the last couple weeks, I do not know you whatsoever. But I absolutely loved your story. I think more store, bank, and business owners should arm themselves and protect their property. I applaud you for having the courage to stand up to a group of law breakers by exercising your lawful right to protect life, liberty, and property. Hope you don’t have any backlash from having your name so widely known and hope you continue to set an example for other business owners.

  2. Hey Phil,
    This is from Sandra Graves, the tall. black woman who worked at Au Coquelet and Bette’s. I live in Lake Tahoe now, but during the occupy Movement, I saw the video of you with the shotgun on the news and recognized you. Good on you!! I like the new moniker “Shotgun Phil”. Anyway, just wanted to say Hi.

  3. Finally! Someone with cojones has been appointed to the MBC! I hope you can make them stop wasting time & money prosecuting inactive MDs who aren’t practicing medicine any more & go after the real threats to public safety. For starters, it wouldn’t hurt to get rid of the Lady Under The Hat.

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