The Oakland Global Project is a partnership proposed between the City of Oakland/ORA, the Port of Oakland, and the Prologis/CCIG partnership to revitalize the former Oakland Army base into a working waterfront..

There are some who are asking; “Why has Prologis/CCIG, the Oakland Global project not executed a community benefits agreement with any coalition, community group, or Individual?”  

To date Prologis/CCIG has performed hundreds of outreach meetings, with groups and individuals, to explain the proposed project and process as we understand it.  The answer given in these meetings and presentations is driven by Title VI, as much as it is about fairness and respecting a process that will serve everyone, equally, as required by law.

The project has attracted Federal funding via the USDOT/TIGER II and, is competing for USDOT/TIGER III, it therefore needs to comply with Federal guidelines. Any policy governing the work needs to be established through a public process consistent with Federal guidelines.

Secondly, but of equal importance, the Port property is governed under the Tides Land trust doctrine. The tides land trust doctrine contains provisions that some believe to offer a different interpretation of community benefits. This must be better understood by all of the parties and an opinion from the State maybe required prior to proceeding with implementing a policy.

Finally, we understand the Oakland City Council/ORA may planning to hold hearings in late 2011 and early 2012 to determine the appropriate policy to govern issues that fall under the definition of community benefits. 

All parties seeking input in the public process will have an opportunity to lend their voice and opinion as the Council and the Oakland Board of Port commissioners determine how current policies may change in conformance of various existing law and ultimately govern how the project will be performed.

The definition of a community benefit will also be a part of this discussion. The opinions on the matter are broad and require a public dialogue and the clarity of resolution by the appropriate body of our government.

Currently, Prologis/CCIG are under an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA), and no construction work is permitted under the ENA. Master planning is being performed by CCIG The master planning work utilizes the consultant team selected with Prologis /CCIG under the RFQ/RFP process initiated some time ago.

Once the City/ORA and the Port adopt a policy that will be aligned with Federal and State statues to establish and govern the work proposed on the Oakland Global Project.   Adherence to the policy will be incorporated to any lease, development, or disposition agreement for the Project.

Contrary to some reports CCIG nor it affiliates have entered into any binding agreements for Community benefits, but have non binding memorandums of understanding to maintain an open dialogue with several community groups about the terms contemplated in the City/ORA ENA exhibits.