So four or five people get together, each has their own views and opinions, they each agree to submit one or two ideas which are guiding principles and objectives, and they go out and recruit 10 friends that are like minded.

Then they hold a meeting (general assembly) to identify by consensus, the “rules “or the new order.  And so it begins, several Labor groups see the opportunity to get their message out and they lend support providing there is room on the platform. The platform they believe can not be controlled by those four or five activists, heck we have thousands of members we can surely take this over. But no, the platform built by four or five that has grown to 190 +/- of like minded idealogs have the world’s attention has already been set down a path that requires not a majority vote, but a 90% consensus to rule. And can choose to allow some tear apart a city, and some to apologize and others to stay totally insulated  instead of identifying themselves and taking any responsibility.

That’s it right? authority without the responsibility, and that is bad stuff my friends.

As they attract people and groups to the cause or elements
of the message they continue to build on their guiding principles by a 90%
consensus (by “jazz” hands voting) Is this direct democracy or is this a cult
like undoing of our constitution?

Our elected officials took an oath of office to protect and
defend the constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. They agreed to faithfully and impartially discharge the duties incumbent upon them. It is time to hold our representatives of our municipal government to account?

Oh you ask for what…for what do we ask them to be accountable?  for letting four or five people and their friends from high jacking our government, for aiding and abetting the anarchist in their destruction of down town, we have seen this before but not here, we have seen this on the evening news half a world away and we never thought we would see it here.

What follows?

I am deeply concerned with what I see happening here in
Oakland and at Frank Ogawa Plaza. This is a wake up call