“What we need to concentrate on at this moment is gettingOaklandback to work. We need to repair both the physical and psychological damage of the actions of a few which have negatively impacted the genuine voice of the majority of peaceful demonstrators.

I support many of the diverse objectives of the Occupy movement, and wholeheartedly believe in the rights of assemblage and free speech. Yet it is not an excuse for breaking the law, violent behavior, and vandalizing small businesses as we experienced two nights ago.

I do not condone taking the law into one’s own hands; however, for whatever reasons there were no law enforcement officials present or en route to my knowledge.  I felt the need to defend the janitorial workers, staff, the building, and myself.

We need to support our Law enforcement officers to maintain law and order while we seek a constructive alternative to the illegal encampment of Occupy at City Hall Plaza”.